Sick and Tired

Monday , 13, January 2014 Comments Off

Many of my clients know that I keep a thick piece of foam tucked away in a corner of my office along with a blanket and pillow.  On days that I’m not feeling well I will spend my lunch hour bedded down on the floor with the lights out and the fan humming away.  I don’t get to do this very often, mostly because I rarely get a whole hour for lunch.

I also have a killer immune system thanks to probiotics and a childhood spent playing in the mud.  So I don’t get sick very often and when I do get whatever is going around, I usually have a milder version of it.  But last week everyone was sick, including me so I got to doze a little bit with all the cancellations.  Really helped me make it through.

Never underestimate the positive effects of a power nap.  If I could, I’d take one every day!  Many of my clients express guilt about napping.  Whatever for?!  We were designed for naps, especially during the middle of the day after lunch.  We used to take this daily siesta for granted.  And not just in Spain.  I remember one of my German teachers telling me that when she was in school, everyone took two hours at lunch for a nap.

My son lived and worked in China for several years.  He said that the two-hour lunch was routine – one hour to eat, one hour to sleep.  People just laid their heads on their desks and passed out.  Rather than being a waste of time, this practice increases productivity.  Why can’t we do this in the U.S.?

Because we’re too busy sucking every ounce of work out of everyone, that’s why!  Estimates are that most of us are so sleep-deprived that, left to our own devices, we would sleep up to 15 hours a day for several days just to catch up.  All this work actually makes us less productive and more accident-prone.  Tragically, some of the people we count on the most – doctors, pilots, truck drivers – are the least well-rested.

This is crazy.  (And I KNOW crazy.)  Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep.  Ask any of my clients who suffer from insomnia.  Life just really isn’t worth living when you’re tired all the time.  So nap away!  Chances are you actually get more done because you are rested.  You will certainly enjoy life more!