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Dear Susan:   My husband just confessed to me that he was molested as a child by an older boy.  I would like to think that he did this because he trusts me, but I feel like it is in response to our frequent fights about sex.  All my friends tell me their husbands are […]

Dear Susan:   My eight-year-old son has gotten into a bad habit of lying.  I know all kids go through this.  They usually tell lies to get attention or to out of trouble.  But my son lies even when the truth would make it easier for him.  He’s told some whoppers at school that have […]

Dear Susan: I’m a 20-something male who has been living with my girlfriend for about a year.  When we met I was living with my parents and she had her own apartment.  Since I was spending all my time over at her place, we decided I should just move in.  We were both working, but […]

Dear Susan: Last week I went shopping with a friend.  I paid for my things at the register and she paid for hers.  At least that’s what I thought.  When we got out to the car she began unloading things from her purse and admitted to me that she had shoplifted them!  I was just […]

Dear Susan: My mother is a born-again Christian. While I’m happy that she’s happy, it upsets me that she thinks she can ignore all the horrible things she has done to me and my family in the past. She was very violent with me and my siblings when we were coming up. I never got […]

Dear Susan: My son married a woman with two daughters and they now have a baby boy. Even though I’m not particularly fond of my son’s wife, I make it a point to remember her and her daughters on birthdays and at Christmas. I try very hard to pick nice gifts and often have a […]

Dear Susan: I really shouldn’t have anything to complain about.  I have a good marriage and a couple of good kids.  My job is interesting.  We’re comfortable financially.  We have, friends, family, church.  I should be happy, but I think about ending my life almost everyday.  I put on a smile for my wife and […]

Dear Susan: I’m a divorced father of three grown children and the grandfather to eight.  I can’t seem to keep my spending under control.  I live on a fixed income and so this is getting to be a real problem.  I overdraw my account almost every month, then write bad checks and take out pay-day […]

Dear Susan: My mom got into legal troubles when I was younger and so I had to go live with my grandmother.  I’m still there, but I work, go to school and pay my grandmother rent.  The problem is my aunts and uncles all come over to the house whenever they want like they own […]

Dear Susan: My father has always cheated on my mom, starting on their wedding day, if you believe her.  Yet she has never left him for long.  When I was a kid, I heard about my father’s affairs all the time.  My mother even took me with her when she tried to track down my […]