4/28/14 Oh I’m Movin’ On Up, To the East Side…

Sunday , 27, April 2014 Leave a comment

Most of my clients know about the recent conflict I had with my landlord about the heating and AC.  They’re also VERY aware of the fact that it was 50 degrees in the waiting room all winter and it was getting up to 90 degrees in there just recently.


Now I could keep my little office warm with a space heater, but I was stressing out over how I was going to keep it cool.  The windows don’t open, so a window unit was out.  I tried a swamp cooler with unsatisfying results.  Something had to be done.


Everyone knows I am all about negotiation rather than confrontation.  Negotiation starts with you stating just what it is you want.  So I called my landlord about the problem.  Apparently he didn’t listen to the message I left.  He called me back the next evening.


“Look (blank),” I began.  “I had a client nearly pass out on me yesterday.  You have got to do something about the AC.  This is just not acceptable.”


There was silence on the other end of the line.  Then all heck broke loose.


“You can’t talk to me like this!  You’re not my boss!  I’m through with you!  You can just get out!”


“What?!  Look, (blank), the unit is not coming on at all.  You’re going to have to fix it one way or another.”


“I’m through with you!  All you do is complain!  No one else complains!”


“Not true.  Each and every one of my clients complain and every one of the patients who come to see the doctor.  Shall I give them your number?”


“You get out!”


Now this is not a literal transcript of our exchange and it went on a great deal longer.  But you get the idea.  I even offered to pay the sleazy little slumlord more money (which infuriated my husband) to no avail.  I ended up saying something like, “You don’t want my money, someone else does.”  And someone else did.  So I now have a new office which has some advantages and some disadvantages.


First, it is TOTALLY MINE (and James’s).  You walk in the door and you are in MY waiting room.  No one is passing through or waiting for anyone else.  MINE!  MINE!  MINE!  It is actually easier to get to if you are coming from the south or east because you don’t have to go through downtown Terrell.  (Of course if you’re coming from the north or west, you now do.)  And it is so close to Lakes that I’ll be able to stop my there more often.


There IS less parking and you have to park on the grass.  But since I see people one at a time, there will only be two cars in the lot at one time at the very most.  And there’s plenty of room for that.  It’s all a small price to pay for air conditioning.  So come by and see me!

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