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Dear Susan:   My husband corrects me all the time.  This is not about important stuff, but really trivial things.  For example, I’ll say I’m getting a pan off the shelf and he’ll say, “That’s not a pan, it’s a Dutch oven.”  I’ll say that a car nearly sideswiped me and he’ll say, “That wasn’t […]

There is a popular saying that ought to be at the top of every parent’s list of helpful advice:  Kids don’t do what you SAY, they do what you DO.  What’s so hard about understanding that?  Why do so many parents want me to “fix” their kids but they won’t take a really good look […]

Most of my clients know about my husband, “Mr. Grump”. I wish I could say he is the only one in my circle of family and friends who has a negative opinion about life in general. Get a bunch of them together and pretty soon the world is circling the toilet. Even though they might […]

Dear Susan: When I was dating my husband, I knew that his family was something else. But we lived a couple of states away. I was able to make it through holiday gatherings and they never came to visit us. Last year my husband hurt himself on the job. His Worker’s Comp is running out […]

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