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Dear Susan:   My eight-year-old son has gotten into a bad habit of lying.  I know all kids go through this.  They usually tell lies to get attention or to out of trouble.  But my son lies even when the truth would make it easier for him.  He’s told some whoppers at school that have […]

  It’s a no-brainer to say that having a pet improves your quality of life.  That’s about the only reason why people have pets.  Usually this starts in childhood.  We want to love something a little bit more responsive than a teddy bear so our parents let us keep a dog, or cat or hamster […]

Dear Susan: I’m a 20-something male who has been living with my girlfriend for about a year.  When we met I was living with my parents and she had her own apartment.  Since I was spending all my time over at her place, we decided I should just move in.  We were both working, but […]

It will surprise NO ONE when I admit that I wasn’t my sons’ “best friend” while they were growing up.  In fact, if someone ever suggested that, my kids would probably roll on the floor howling with laughter.  The fact is I never even TRIED to be their friend.  Friends they could make for themselves.  […]

I wrote to my Senator recently to complain about how LPCs (like me!) can’t bill MediCare.  I’m not sure which aide read my letter, but he or she thought I was unhappy with how much MediCare PAID.  I don’t even KNOW how much they pay!  I just want to be able to help the elderly […]

Dear Susan: Last week I went shopping with a friend.  I paid for my things at the register and she paid for hers.  At least that’s what I thought.  When we got out to the car she began unloading things from her purse and admitted to me that she had shoplifted them!  I was just […]

Dear Susan: My mother is a born-again Christian. While I’m happy that she’s happy, it upsets me that she thinks she can ignore all the horrible things she has done to me and my family in the past. She was very violent with me and my siblings when we were coming up. I never got […]


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I don’t like secrets.  I have a hard time keeping secrets.  That’s because I have a hard time lying.  When someone asks me straight up what happened or what was said, I might not actually TELL him, but he will know that I know.  (And I might just tell him anyway.)  The only exception is […]

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